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  • Can I travel early or extend my stay?
    Of course! many of our guests like to enhance their tour by arriving early or extending their tour or even adding another destination. Your tour host can help you with all the details, planning and we can even make all the arrangements for you.
  • I see you are going to Italy and Switzerland/Germany and Austria in 2025. Any other destinations?
    2026, should see Ireland and France added to the tour list. Also tours of Scotland, England, Wales are in the advance planning stages. Let us know what destinations interest you! We set tour dates based on interest, so let us know if you are interested in touring in 2026 or 2027
  • Are TOLY Small Group Tours active?
    Yes, all TOLY tours are considered moderate pace tours. Europe has cobble streets, steep hill towns, and lots of walking. Feel free to reach out and ask for more details.
  • Terms and Conditions
    Click here for terms and conditions.
  • Why Small Groups?
    Its what truly sets us apart from all the other tour companies. A small group allows us to stay in small, central, often family run authentic hotels. Big tours stay in large chain hotels outside the historic oldtown. A small group allows you to experience better, more intimate authentic restaurants, that simply cant cater to large groups
  • Do I need a travel visa?
    Canadians only need a valid passport. There are no special visa requirements to enter Europe. Please note that your passport’s expiration date should be at least 6 months after the date you are scheduled to fly to Europe.
  • What about luggage, do I have to carry my own bags?
    Yes, at Toly, we believe your money should go towards unforgettable experiences, not Porter fees. Plan on carrying/ pulling/ loading your own luggage.Your tour hosts will give you all the packing tips and details before we travel.
  • I’ve never been to Europe, which tour should we take?
    Each country is unique, and each tour brings with it a different experience. Please reach out to us and we can talk about your interests to determine which tour is for you.
  • My family would like to do a group tour together. Do you do Private tours?
    Absolutely! Plenty of options are available, from a fully guided private tour to helping you book your very own dream tour.
  • We have booked our TOLY Small Group Tour, when should we book our flights?
    A deposit holds your place on a tour; however, you must wait for a confirmed trip notification before booking your airfare or consider booking a cancelable fare.
  • Why should we travel with TOLY Small Group Tours?
    We have a passion for travel, history, fantastic food, and once in a lifetime experiences. We put our heart and soul into every detail to make your European tour an extraordinary experience. Most group tours in Europe have from 40-60 people on the bus. At Toly, our numbers are between 8 and 16 people on tour.
  • Do I need to bring money for gratuities?
    No, all gratuities for hosts, guides, coach, and boat drivers etc. are included with your TOLY Small Group Tour.
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