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The Taste of Italy tour lives up to its name in every respect. TOLY tours allowed us to sample some of Italy’s most iconic destinations. Each day of our trip had a “Wow!!!” experience that on its own would have made it the best vacation of our lives. Jason and Leanne’s knowledge and preparation allowed us to simply enjoy the magic of our tour.



Each night we dined at local restaurants with something unique to offer; sunset views of the Amalfi Coast, freshly caught seafood from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and authentic grilled Steak Florentine are but a few of the dining pleasures we enjoyed. Every restaurant exceeded our expectations. The best part is that Jason and Leanne have made all the reservations months (or even a year) in advance.




This is where the Taste of Italy tour especially shines. There are so many wonders of Italy to explore, but Jason and Leanne have identified key destinations to visit and arranged for small group tours with a VIP experience. We had the pleasure of having a wine-tasting in the hills of Tuscany at a family run vineyard complete with a farm-to-table lunch where every ingredient was grown on the farm. A chartered boat took us to the Isle of Capri where after we toured the isle and all its magnificent views, we were able to cool off with a swim in the sea.


The Taste of Italy tour ensures that you do not miss out on any of the key cultural institutions; The Vatican, Il Duomo, The Coliseum, and the ruins of Pompeii to name a few. When our group visited these sites, we often encountered tourists who were disappointed to learn that tickets needed to be secured months in advance. Jason and Leanne had long ago secured tickets, often VIP tickets, to enjoy the remarkable history and culture of these sites.




Another incredible experience of the Taste of Italy tour was the pleasure of staying in the heart of the city or village we were visiting. It was a pure joy to experience the city in the evening hours after the tourists had retreated to their large hotels beyond the city limits. In one hotel we enjoyed breakfast in a courtyard as the sun rose next to a 600-year-old wall. In another hotel a flight of swallows circled as we opened the shutters to a view of the Tuscan hillsides.




I am the one in our family who plans our vacations. I enjoy planning every detail. So, I was a little uncomfortable giving up that control to Jason and Leanne. This aspect turned out to be the best part of our entire trip. All we had to do was show up. Everything was taken care of from transportation to dinner reservations to museum tickets. Their knowledge and taste allowed them to book the right hotels, the best restaurants, and the guided tours that would provide the best experience.


We truly had the trip of a lifetime….and look forward to future trips of a lifetime with TOLY!!!!



Ian and Kat

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